Becoming Powerful: The Practice of Offering
Introduction: Sunday, May 14th
Retreat Sessions: Tuesday, May 16th – Friday, May 19th

Mandala offerings can be very valuable in the hands of a practitioner who knows how to use them to accumulate a vast collection of merit. Merit, or positive energy, is the main cause of all of our success in daily life and in our spiritual practice.

In this retreat, we will focus on creating a vast collection of merit to ensure our future success and happiness.

Guide to the Mandala Offering Retreat (teachings and meditations, led by Gen Tenzin)
Sunday. May 14th
Session Times:

Drop in whenever you can, or stay for all four sessions.

Guru Yoga Mandala Offering Retreat Sessions
Tuesday, May 16th – Friday, May 19th
Session Times:
Tuesday: 7:00-8:15am
Wednesday-Friday: 7:00-8:15am and 5:15-6:30pm

Cost: $5/session

Everyone is welcome.

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