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Compassionate Healing, Fasting & Purification Retreat
April 14 & 15, 2018

The practice of Nyungne is a special fasting and purification retreat which is done in conjunction with the Buddha of Compassion spiritual practice. Through fasting we can understand the sufferings of others and increase our compassion for them, as well as purify our own negative karma. On the first day of the retreat we abstain from all meals except for a vegetarian lunch and drink only water. On the second day we abstain from all food and drink for twenty-four hours.

Students may attend both days of the retreat or they may attend on Saturday only, depending on their abilities and preferences.

Students should avoid wearing perfume, makeup, and jewelry during this retreat.

Day 1 Session Times:
7:00-7:30am: The Eight Mahayana Precepts
7:30-8:45: Chanted Prayers & Prostrations
10:00-11:15: Chanted Prayers & Prostrations
4:00-5:15pm: Chanted Prayers & Prostrations
7:30-8:15pm: Heart Jewel with Meditation (optional)

Day 2 Session Times:
7:00-7:30am: The Eight Mahayana Precepts
7:30-8:45am: Chanted Prayers & Prostrations
10:30-11:45am: Sunday Morning Meditation Class (optional)
2:00-3:15pm: Chanted Prayers & Prostrations
4:30-5:45pm: Chanted Prayers & Prostrations
7:30-8:15pm: Heart Jewel with Meditation (optional)

Cost: $20 for Saturday only; $40 for Saturday and Sunday.

In order to take the precepts necessary to participate in the retreat, students must attend the 7am session.

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