Dorje Shugden 4_transparentFinding Protection: The Empowerment of Dorje Shugdan
Saturday, December 2nd
11:00am – 4:00pm

In this special empowerment, we will receive the powerful blessings of the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugdan. A Dharma Protector is an emanation of a Buddha or a Bodhisattva whose main functions are to avert the inner and outer obstacles that prevent practitioners from gaining spiritual realizations and to arrange all the necessary conditions for their practice.

We will then receive commentary on how to engage in Heart Jewel, the main practice of the New Kadampa Tradition, which includes the short practice of Dharma Protector Dorje Shugdan. By relying upon this practice, we can purify negativity, accumulate merit, and receive blessings. This will cause all of our wishes to be fulfilled, both temporarily and ultimately.

Through Heart Jewel practice, we will create all the necessary conditions to attain deep realizations of Buddha’s teachings. These realizations will give us great peace, mental stability, and wisdom that allows us to help everyone we meet.

Led by Resident Teacher, Gen Tenzin

Schedule of Sessions:
11:00am – 12:30pm: Empowerment
2:00pm – 4:00pm: Commentary

Cost: $60

Everyone is welcome.

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