KMC Philadelphia Renovation Campaign


Over the years, KMC Philadelphia has grown from a small center to Philadelphia’s premier meditation center. As a result, our need for an updated space has grown. This summer, we are raising money to purchase new café-style tables and chairs for our kitchen area, along with a new kitchen table and bookstore shelving. This area is a favorite gathering place for both new students and long-term practicing students. This new furniture will further enrich the warm atmosphere of our center and make our center more inviting for everyone, from all walks of life. Renovating the kitchen space will also help us increase the seating capacity for our special courses where attendance can be substantial for just the main meditation room.

Our bookstore is the heart of our center where thousands of years of wisdom is accessible for all those who visit us. We want to get new shelving that will showcase more of Venerable Geshe Kelsang’s books and better guide new students to the appropriate books.

Why Are We Doing This? The motivation for this is to create a space that is designed to bring out Dharma relationships, to allow for comfortable class discussions, and to invite people to form friendships. These are at the heart of supporting a spiritual practice.

What can I do to help? Right now we need to raise $5000 to buy the necessary furniture. You can donate for the items below, or any amount you wish to give.
$300 donation to help buy a table and 2 chairs set. Total need: 5 sets
$150 to help buy 2 shelves and the necessary supplies for installation. Total need: 4 sets
$400 to help buy a lounge chair. Total need: 3 sets
$150 to help buy a side table. Total need: 3 tables
$500 to help buy a kitchen work table. Total need: 1 table
$750 to help buy an area rug. Total need: 1 rug

When should I turn in my donation by? All donations should be turned in on or before Wednesday, August 8.

How can I donate? You can donate by either following the PayPal link below or writing a check to KMC Philadelphia. Please make sure to write what items you have donated for by writing in the “Add special instructions to the seller” textbox.

Donate by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact Anup at

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