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Daily Meditation
Weekdays at 8:00-8:30am

Our daily meditations offer the opportunity to be guided by an experienced meditation teacher in one of Buddha’s Lamrim (Stages of the Path) meditations. Guided meditation is excellent for those just beginning a meditation practice – they can learn the parts and flow of a typical meditation session and then practice it on their own. It is also perfect for experienced meditators who, by relying on the teacher’s prompts, can let go and deeply relax into deeper levels of concentration. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary.

*via Zoom livestream*
Guided by Meditation Teachers at KMC Philadelphia

Meditations are free for monthly members. Please use your discount code on the following payment page when registering.

If you experience any problems registering, please contact our Administrative Director, Sarah, at admin@meditationinphiladelphia.org.