Livestream Friday Night Lecture – monthly

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Friday Night Lecture
Third Fridays of the Month, 7:00 – 8:00pm, $10
with Kadampa Meditation Teachers

Livestream via ZOOM

Suitable for both the casually curious and the seasoned practitioner, these Friday night lectures will explore topics of Buddhist thought and practice with an emphasis on practical application in daily life. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary.

Feb 19: Why Me? Intro to Karma
– with Meditation Teacher Julie Francisco
Everybody wants to be happy and free from problems; these are our two basic wishes. However, due to lacking an understanding of karma, we misidentify the actual causes of suffering and remain trapped in a cycle of pain and dissatisfaction. By applying Buddha’s teachings on karma, we can discover the key to our own happiness and unlock our own potential for permanent freedom. This lecture is a perfect introduction to Buddha’s teachings on cause and effect.

Mar 19: Dissolving the Illusion of Loneliness – with Meditation Teacher Tatiana Buonassisi
Our perception of ourselves as separate from others is an illusion, in truth we are all naturally and profoundly interconnected. By learning to understand and feel this connection we’ll reduce our sense of isolation, allowing a natural closeness and authentic love for others to arise. Through this wisdom passed down from Buddha, we can transform our outlook on life, heal our relationships, and lay the foundation for universal love.

Apr 16: Silencing the Inner Critic – with Meditation Teacher, Meg Yoho
Many of us have a tendency to be excessively self-critical, self doubting, and lacking self confidence. These debilitating thoughts can affect our relationships, our work, and our ability to realize our full potential in life. In this lecture, we’ll learn how to use meditation to free ourselves from self critical thoughts, negative self-perceptions, and feelings of discouragement.

May 21: Coping with Stress – with Meditation Teacher, Sarah Bly
In our modern world, it seems whatever our lifestyle, we will at times experience stress and anxiety. In this series of classes we will explore Buddhist wisdom that can change our perspective on life and can enable us to reduce and finally eliminate the stressors of life. By applying this advice in our daily life we can come to enjoy peace of mind.

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