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Gym Sparks

The Results Transformation Center brings you a highly efficient gym in Sparks, just on the corner of Pyramid and Greenbrae. It’s the closest and best gym around these parts, and we extend you an invitation to join our exercising groups. You’ll love our schedules and daily programs because we focus on each muscle group progressively.

Is the gym effective for weight loss?

Going to the gym is one of the most efficient and productive ways of losing weight. It beats meal diets by a landslide because here, you won’t starve yourself out, and you won’t lose your remaining strength either. Instead, you will build strength and stamina as you lose weight, progressing toward new physical peaks faster and faster. Therefore, the more you exercise and sweat, the better you’ll feel.

The results of team training will take you from point A (fat and chubby) to point B (slim and toned) in a matter of weeks. Through our boot camp, we will guide you every step of the way until you meet your expectations. Lose weight, build muscles, tone your body, and witness the modern miracle of fitness at our gym center in Sparks.

Excellent exercises to become fit

One of the tasks we’re most proud of is Beast Mode Biking, which is precisely what you’re thinking of. Our coach starts the playlist, and you push yourself to the limits by cranking the pedals to the ground. For the next 45 minutes, you won’t see, hear or feel anything else but the beast inside pedaling toward physical exhaustion.

Once you grow tired of biking, you can switch to our strength-focused obstacle course where you power lift and increase your muscle capacity. Build strength and muscle tonus, grow your stamina, and become a fearsome warrior who fears nothing but missing a day at the gym. This program helps you build a magnificent body and burn extra fat in a matter of weeks.

The best training regimen

Our expert coaches will help you switch gears and achieve your physical goals for the day. Moreover, we can establish suitable training routines for specific purposes like weight loss, building muscles, increasing stamina, and so on. Our gym in Sparks has perfected the craft of physical transformation, and we want to impart these techniques on you too.

At the end of the routine, you’ll be left sweaty, gasping for air but grinning ear-to-ear because you can feel the transformation inside. You'll find yourself running more, lifting heavier weights, and losing fat at an accelerated pace. The harder you exercise, and the more motivated you are, the better your results will be.

Can home workout be as efficient as a gym?

Comparing the two environments is like comparing apples to oranges. At home, you can never achieve the efficiency and productivity of exercising at a gym. Furthermore, our gym in Sparks has highly specialized coaches who know precisely how you can achieve your physical goals. Come to our Results Transformation Center, and see yourself become fitter, healthier, and stronger through hard work and motivated effort.

Gym Sparks

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Gym Sparks

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