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Therapeutic massage in Ayer, MA

As science continually evolves, people are encouraged to adopt non-drug methods for solving some of their medical issues. If you’ve been looking for how to live with less pain and less stress without having to use drugs, a therapeutic massage could be a fantastic option for you. There are numerous proven benefits of a therapeutic massage,, including relieving acute and chronic pain, as well as stress and anxiety. If you are thinking of getting a massage in Ayer, MA, All About the Massage should be the first massage parlor on your mind.

What are the benefits of massage?

Massage could be a great complementary therapy for people suffering from chronic pain, stress, or anxiety. The following are some of the proven medical benefits of therapeutic massage:

  • Increased blood circulation
  • Boosts the immune system by stimulating the lymphatic system
  • Stimulates the release of endorphins, the natural pain killers
  • Improves the quality of life for people suffering from chronic conditions such as low back pain
  • Relieves pain from headaches and migraines
  • Improves flexibility and mobility of joints
  • Improves recovery of soft tissue injuries
  • Reduces anxiety and depression

Even if you do not have a medical condition, you can still enjoy the unparalleled relaxation a massage in Ayer, MA, affords.

Must I be completely undressed before a massage?

Naturally, a lot of people feel uncomfortable at the thought of undressing in front of a stranger. When you are having a massage in Ayer, MA, our massage therapists allow you to undress to a level you’re comfortable with. While some clients may prefer to undress completely, many other clients prefer to keep their undergarments on. You have the privacy of your massage room to dress or undress, and a towel or blanket would cover your body throughout the session. You can trust our massage therapists to respect your boundaries, and you have the right to stop the massage session at any point.

How often should I receive a massage?

The frequency of your massage sessions would depend on your needs. For people who book a session of massage in Ayer, MA, in order to manage daily stress, a session per week or month, could be adequate. For people who need massage therapy for relieving chronic pain or muscle injuries, they may require up to two or more sessions per week. Our massage therapists at All About the Massage can help evaluate your condition and design an optimal massage schedule for you.

What is the cost of a massage session?

A 30-minute therapeutic massage session at All About the Massage costs about $65 while a 2-hour session costs $160. We also offer other types of massage in Ayer, MA, such as prenatal massage and Himalayan Salt Stone Massage. The price of the sessions also varies depending on the time.

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Massage Ayer Ma