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Pilates Atlanta Midtown

Do you want to have a more calm and relaxed form of exercise? Stellar Bodies combines the resistance training with Pilates movement. Book for either a class or private lessons with and try the coolest Pilates in Atlanta, Midtown.

What is Pilates Exercise?

Pilates is a form of exercise that focuses on the connection of the body and mind, emphasizing balance. It aims to improve muscle and core strength, increase flexibility, maintain proper posture, and improve coordination and overall concentration, supporting a graceful movement. These usually consist of a mat or other specialized Pilates equipment such as the reformer, Cadillac, special barrels or chairs.

Although the exercise focuses on concentration and breathing routines, it has a medium-level of intensity where you can feel the effects of the training in your muscles. It mainly focuses on the core, arms, and legs and uses your own body weight. Joseph Pilates, who believes that physical and mental health is connected, developed the Pilates exercise.

Can anyone try the Pilates Exercises?

Pilates in Atlanta, Midtown fitness classes are suitable for both beginners and amateurs. You can design and modify it to fit the needs of the individual. Beginners can start with basic Pilates exercises and try out more advanced moves in the future. Although anyone can do it at home, it is better especially for beginners to try enrolling in fitness classes or have a private instructor guiding them. The purpose is to make sure that exercise routines are done correctly, avoiding any possible injury.

Senior citizens and pregnant women can also try a modified Pilates exercise. However, for those with health issues such as heart diseases, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol levels, you should consult and seek clearance from the doctor first.  Doctors don’t usually recommend it to those with severe osteoporosis, risk of blood clits, and herniated disks.

Health benefits of Pilates

Pilates focuses on improving core strength, posture, and flexibility. Since you will maintain proper body alignment during the exercise routines, the training will lower back pain, while promoting balance and posture. It will also exert effort in the muscles resulting in a more toned muscle, trimming down fats in your stomach, legs, and buttocks.

Also, since the exercise routines focus on strengthening the core, it usually results to flat stomach and stronger abdominal muscles. Doing the concentration and breathing exercises will help you reduce and manage stress. Also, the balance between your body and mind will give you an overall boosted sense of well-being.

Experience and achieve the benefits of Pilates in Atlanta, Midtown fitness classes in Stellar Bodies. We have up to 15% discounts for students, teachers, and senior citizens for any full-priced package except unlimited packages. You can start with a Teaser Package with three classes for $75 only or a French Twist Package with five courses for $108 only. We also have unlimited packages like Shoot for the Stars package with unlimited classes for three months for only $219 a month or the regular unlimited package for $259 a month.

Pilates Atlanta Midtown

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