Refuge Retreat (Mar 15 – 18)


Refuge Retreat
Monday, March 15 – Thursday, March 18
Self-guided Sessions (see below for teachings on 
Refuge just prior to this retreat)

During this retreat, we’ll emphasize cultivating inner refuge and spiritual power to protect us from all our sufferings & problems. By meditating on and developing the mind of refuge, you will become a sincere spiritual practitioner who has inner strength and a powerful mind that can face all the challenges of life. Retreat sessions are self-guided based on teachings from “Finding Stability in an Unsteady World” on Saturday, March 13 and/or Sunday Morning Meditation on Sunday, March 14.

Monday 3/15 – Wednesday 3/17 sessions at: 7:00am, 12pm, 5:30pm
Thursday 3/18 sessions at: 7:00am, 12pm, & 4:30pm

Cost: $5 for non-members and no cost for KMC Philadelphia members.
Retreat is included in the cost for those attending the March 13th course Finding Stability in an Unsteady World and Sunday Morning Meditation on March 14th.


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Streaming is available to those in the Great Philadelphia Metropolitan area. If you live outside of that area, you can find a local Kadampa meditation center here. Please note that videos can not be downloaded and should not be shared with others who have not registered. If you experience any problems registering, please email admin@meditationinphiladelphia.org.