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Finding Healthy, Pure Pleasure:
An Introduction to Tantra

Saturday, November 21

*via Zoom livestream*

We all know what it’s like to feel good. Unfortunately, we’re also all too familiar with the pain of when things fall apart or when life gets us down. How do we handle such difficulty? How can we feel good when the good things just don’t seem to be there?

In these two sessions, Gen Tenzin will share with us simple but powerful instructions for finding the happiness we seek in our modern world. He will tell us that some of the reasons why we become unhappy is that we are focusing too much on our current situation and problems. If we think more about our future, we can act now to create the future we want. By focusing on the future results of our actions, we can live with more certainty, calm, and happiness, knowing that where we are going is better than where we now stand.

No experience is necessary. You do not need to be Buddhist to attend. Everyone is welcome.


Cost: $30 (Free for TTP members and 50% off for FP members with discount code.)

If you experience any problems registering, please contact our Administrative Director, Sarah, at admin@meditationinphiladelphia.org.